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Send an electronic postcard from Jelgava

In Jelgava St. Trinity church tower there is a new service available for guests as well as for locals of Jelgava – to send an electronic postcard with a beautiful view and warm greetings from Jelgava.  


To send a virtual greeting - an electronic postcard from Jelgava - visit the tourist information centre in Jelgava St.Trinity church tower. It is an opportunity to tell your friends and relatives about your visit to Jelgava or to invite guests to visit you in Jelgava.


For sending postcards there is a special touch-screen available on the tower's ground floor. To send a card, choose one of the offered views of Jelgava, then enter the card recipient's e-mail address, greeting text, and finally confirm sending. The addressee will receive the card with views of Jelgava and your greetings in his/ her e-mail box.


There are different views of Jelgava captured on the postcards: Jelgava St.  Trinity church tower, Jelgava Palace, Ģederts Eliass Jelgava History and Art Museum, Ādolfs Alunāns Memorial Museum, pedestrian bridge "Mītava", wild horses in the River Lielupe floodplain meadows and many more. The card sending menu is available in Latvian, as well as in seven other languages: Russian, English, Lithuanian, Estonian, German, French and Italian.  The electronic postcard service is offered free of charge.